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Manuel Rosa Garrido

Manuel Rosa Garrido is from Jaen, a small city located in the south of Spain. He received his first bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Jaen. Then he moved to Granada, where two years later he received his second bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Granada. During these years he was fascinated by Molecular Biology so he decided to work in the field. He moved again, this time to Santander, where he worked for 5 years analyzing the role of the multifunctional proteins CTCF and BORIS in the regulation of ribosomal DNA and in human epidermis under the direction of Dr. M. Dolores Delgado Villar and in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Gandarillas Solinis. This work helped him to earn his Ph.D in Biomedicine from the University of Cantabria. Now he is working at Dr. Vondriska’s Lab where he is trying to elucidate how the chromatin regulators HMGB2 and CTCF are involved in the differential gene expression that take place during heart disease development.