Elizabeth Soehalim

Elizabeth Soehalim graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry in 2017. She was a member of the Vondriska lab during her undergraduate years, assisting Dr. Rosa-Garrido in investigating the role of CTCF in heart failure. After she graduated from UCLA, Elizabeth worked as a research technician in Dr. Mitch Guttman’s lab at Caltech. While in the Guttman lab, Elizabeth assisted in optimizing and streamlining SPRITE, a method developed by Sofia Quinodoz, a graduate student in the lab. Now back at the Vondriska lab, Elizabeth is happy to return to her roots as she prepares for her next academic ventures. She is also excited to contribute to the many fascinating, ongoing projects in the Vondriska lab. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys going on walks with her dog and trying new restaurants.