Manuel Rosa Garrido

Manuel Rosa Garrido is a double major in Biology and Biochemistry coming from the south of Spain. He got his PhD in Biomedicine under the direction of Dr. M. Dolores Delgado Villar from the University of Cantabria. During this time he focused on uncovering the mechanism by which ribosomal RNA transcription, a crucial process in cancer proliferation, was regulated by the epigenetic effects of CTCF. Fascinated by epigenetics, he shifted his focus from cancer to heart failure and joined Dr. Vondriska’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow. He initially worked on the study of the reciprocal regulation of the cardiac epigenome by chromatin structural proteins HMGB2 and CTCF. After this work he decided to deeply explore cardiac chromatin structure taking advantage of new sequencing technologies like HiC, RRBS, or ATAC-seq. He is currently an assistant project scientist working on different epigenetic projects, all of which focus on studying how 3D structure of the genome change during the development of heart failure.