Angela Yang Participates in POP

Post Date: Aug 12, 2019

The Summer UCLA Physiology Outreach Program (POP) is directed to high school students who are looking for an opportunity to experience working in a lab. During this program, students participate in experiments and learn how to apply science in a way that pushes boundaries. For Angela, she was able to get a better idea of what work in a research lab was like as well as seeing the biology she had learned in class being used to solve real world problems, such as heart failure.

The five high school interns who participated this year in 2019 Summer POP! (From left to right: Rachel, Porter, Angela, Mohana, Nahmi)

All the interns and their mentors and PIs! (We all know Manu just came for the food :) )

Angela Yang gives a presentation on what she has been doing in the lab to fellow interns and lab members at the conclusion of the program.